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As breeders, we work to positively influence the breed. We carefully select for the traits of gait, conformation, disposition, bloodline, and stamina/vigor/heartiness.


TWHBEA 2014 buckskin, possible double-black, double-agouti, stallion prospect

Our horses are raised in a natural environment and often cover miles and miles a day- from the time they are born. We feel this helps them develop strength and vigor that will last a lifetime.

buckskin colt for sale


buckskin colt for sale
end of August 2014


With both Blue Gold and Slush Creeks Jubal S (the last stallion bred by Calvin Miller of the Double Diamond Ranch) in his pedigree, we feel this colt has a winning combination of bloodlines that have proven themselves out west and around the globe! Also in this colt's pedigree are Tate's Traveler, Montana Traveler, and Zephyr Zephyr- versatile TWH bloodlines that continue to influence the breed. We are looking forward to watching him mature. Born in a 660 acre pasture, his is developing surefootedness and stamina.



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buckskins for sale

A number of horses from our breeding program are on the field trial circuit:

buckskins field trial


Arrow's Sparky Tones and Arrow's Dusty aka "Hollywood" are two buckskins that draw attention when they are out with their riders, Fred and Jennifer Smith. Sparky is Fred's mount when he travels the country as a Field Trial Judge. "Hollywood" is younger and is learning the ropes. Sparky "goes all day". Most judges switch out horses. However, Fred is able to count on Sparky all day long- the type of endurance we appreciate and breed for!

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Arrow's Saltwater Taffy competes on the NATRC circuit...

Arrow's Saltwater Taffy shows off her National American Trail Ride Conference ribbons! Thanks to Lisa Hall Scott for sending over the photo- and keep after those blues! Taffy currently resides in Alabama.
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buckskins for sale

A daughter of Arrow's Colorado Gold in the Dominican Republic...

Blue Gold & Jubal cross
SCW Jubals Onyx Diva by Slush Creeks Jubal S and out of Arrows Colorado Gold. Thank you Shellie of Slush Creek Walkers for the picture! A descendent of Blue Gold (our foundation sire), now in the Dominican Republic...

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buckskins for sale


Arrow's Star of Gold

Arrow's Star of Gold- by Blue Gold, out of Dakota Evening Star (full sister to "Fashion"). Owned by Elsie Darrah, TWHBEA "color guru" and owner of two Blue Gold daughters. This mare is currently in Texas producing foals.

"Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be...
His pedigree tells us what he ought to be...
But his offspring tell us what he is!"
-Elsie Darrah, Last Chance Farm, Color Genetics Consultant- TWHBEA

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