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Welcome to Arrow's Walkers

Producers of buckskin and palomino gaited horses.


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Our first Tennessee Walking Horse (ranch raised and all natural) came to us through good family friends. She was TWHBEA registered as Ebony's Dak. Fashion and bred by Calvin Miller of the 24,000 acre Double Diamond Ranch in Rhame, ND. Calvin began breeding long before the first child in our family was even born- so therefor had many years of refining what some have come to call the "western walker". Western Walkers are different than the modern show horse lines- and possibly even somewhat distinguished from the very first TWH stock. While Western Walkers retain the positive traits of the breed such as disposition and the "smooth way of going", the breeders out here also put an added emphasis on stamina and Calvin, in particular, bred for a head to compete with the Quarter Horse. When it came to traveling all day long in the saddle across his vast ranch, Calvin chose the "western walker" over any other. We feel fortunate to have obtained our two foundation mares from his breeding program.


Looking for your next buckskin? Visit our Sales page. We also produce palominos- that trace back to Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, Jr. (yes, Roy Rogers is one of many famous people to have chosen a TWH for their mount). Whether you are looking for your future mount or specifically designed breeding stock, we hope we have a horse for you. The bloodlines of our foundation stock have spread around the world. If you have a horse with Blue Gold on the pedigree, we love hearing from you on their current endeavors!! Horses with Blue Gold on the pedigree are currently succeeding on the Field Trial Circuit, in Competitive Trail Riding, as breeding stallions, and many other "versatile professions".